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Low, Rich, Full Bodied Voice’ that carries the likes of Etta James, with a little of Wynonna’s twang, and the depth of Della Reese! Born and raised in the Northwest she was surrounded by the sounds of Blues and Country music.

Although starting out her music career at a later age in life Lady Kat has the style performance and sound of a well-seasoned artist. Spreading her wings to venture forth to pursue her dream as a national, even global blues artist, Lady Kat “Lady True Blue” has been showcased in phenomenal groups like the Northwest Women Rhythm & Blues, Celebration of BB King Show, playing with Portland’s finest musicians and was a favorite at Jimmy Mak’s Club. The past eight years Lady Kat has been performing at the Waterfront Blues Festival. She has shared the stage with Fiona Boyd, Linda Hornbuckle, Janice Scroggins, Duffy Bishop, Lady A, & Ellen White, Sonny Hess, Lisa Mann to mention a few.

“The Gift of Song truly is a gift of power. A singer should cherish and respect it! For you never know who’s out there watching and listening and taking away a memory of your gift. It is my mission to respect and represent the art of music.”