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Hailing from London, UK, Dan Nash is one of the finest purveyors of traditional blues music on the circuit. His music harks back to the early roots of blues, when it was played at rent parties and rural juke joints. Dan studied extensively in the Mississippi Delta, and is proficient in Mississippi bottleneck blues, the fast and clean fingerpicking native to Texas and the Carolinas, and other traditional forms.

His authentic interpretations of the blues standard songbook have continued to astound audiences from the deep south of Mississippi to New York City, from the Carolinas across the Atlantic to his native UK, and throughout mainland Europe and Asia. With a versatile guitar style, which can cover the whole blues genre from ragtime and traditional fingerpicking to Delta slide and Chicago blues, Dan accompanies his music with a voice imbued with passion and soul.

With the core of his performance driven by his vocals and echoed by his guitar, Dan’s performances are an intimate and intense experience between the artist and his audience.