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“Sometimes being too diversified can alienate an audience. But each song, no matter how different, has the firm stamp of style from South Carolina’s Pam Taylor. This artist is compelling, interesting and on this LP – no last gasps of an old tradition…It’s all potent.” – No Depression Magazine

PAM TAYLOR’S ‘STEAL YOUR HEART’-  voted one of TOP 20 records of 2017 – Blues Rock Review Magazine

Up-and-coming blues guitarist/vocalist Pam Taylor melds Americana-roots, country, and reggae influences into a modern take on the blues, rooted in her turbulent past and hope for a brighter future. TAYLOR turned to the blues as part of her own healing process — from addiction, injury, depression— finding her way through music with guidance from guitarist / mentor Debbie Davies, who toured with blues legend Albert Collins in the late ‘80s.

Taylor, a South Carolina native, hit the scene in 2012 with her debut record, Hot Mess. Today she’s touring internationally with a recently released collection, Steal Your Heart, and has started production on a new recording this spring with her latest project, The Flyin V’s. At Waterfront she will be backed by Portland’s Dave Melyan on drums, and Dave Fleschner on keyboards.