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Presented by NW NATURAL

Ron Artis II has been paradise’s best-kept secret for years. As a young musician in Hawaii, he developed his multi-instrumental prowess playing in the Artis Family Band, where his mastery of piano and guitar—in addition to numerous other instruments—quickly made evident that he was special. Mick Fleetwood, Jack Johnson, Jake Shimabukuro and many others recognized his incredible talent, and Ron played with all of them and more in Hawaii’s most prestigious venues with his own band that he put together (featuring brother Stevon on drums) aptly called, “The Truth.”

Booker T Jones, Eric Krasno (Soulive, Lettuce) and G Love all invited (and in some cases demanded) Ron to collaborate and encouraged him to share his music with the broader world. Three full US tours later, the band has played sell out shows from coast to coast and the 2018 debut album Soul Street has already garnered wide critical praise.

Ron’s influences include deep Delta Blues and Gospel, plus Northern Soul and R&B, and with his in-depth and personal lyrics, his music is making believers of the rest of the world about this incredible talent from the remote island in the middle of the Pacific. So get ready for the tidal wave of heart and soul music that is Ron Artis II & The Truth!