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Originally the African Show Boyz from northern Ghana, west Africa, hail the new and vibrant group Spiritual Brothers. This tribal quartet is a unique blend and remarkable experience of African music, dance, magic and adrenaline. The original five siblings that made up African Showboyz, took all the instruments and rhythms from many cultural groups in northern Ghana, including their own culture of Kusasi, and made music of their own, where all the instruments are made from gourds (calabash); creating a unique and powerful ensemble. In this part of the world, Calabash music is used in every event in life including child birthing, naming, marriage and funeral ceremonies, as well as festivities marking the planting and harvesting of crops. They use dance to tell stories of these events.

In 1985 this family troupe began touring all the major continents of the world. In 2003, the original Sabbah brothers (African show Boyz) crossed the Atlantic to bring their message of peace, unity and love to the United States audience at the second annual Floydfest in Floyd, VA. Their youthful talent and magical displays ignited the energetic flow of the festival and ensured a repeat appearance. During their stay in 2004, in addition to Floydfest, the Showboyz toured the U.S. wowing audiences at festivals, churches and schools alike from Virginia to South Dakota and all places in between – at times accompanying Speech (formally of Arrested Development), opening for Eek-a-Mouse and sharing the stage with Acoustic Syndicate. They then returned to the great continent of Africa to tour over 10 different countries.

In 2011 the group traveled again to the US, collaborating with many great musicians such as Babatunde Olatunji, Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead and others. However, due to immigration issues in 2013, the original Sabbah brothers were separated. The second oldest brother, Joseph, started a new group with his youngest brother and other Ghanaian musicians called The Spiritual Brothers. They are keeping the spirit alive until the African Showboyz can be reunited. It’s a show not to be missed!