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The Bayou Boyz put on some memorable shows and this year shouldn’t be any different. They’ve been variously described as fearless, musically adventurous, and downright amazing. Over the course of the last two years, the Bayou Boyz has gone from newly formed band to having a notable presence on the Portland music scene. Their fans include some of the finest musicians around and many who have joined them on stage. Among them is Lloyd Jones, who was featured as special guest during last year’s Waterfront Blues Festival, joining them again, this year, for the July 5th “Blues Bayou” cruise.

The core group – Steve Kerin (keyboard/vocals), Dan Berkery (guitar/vocals), Brian Foxworth (drums/vocals), and David Kahl (bass/vocals) – has been fortunate enough to bring Jimmy Russell (guitar/vocals) on board to cover their regular Monday night gigs. The mix-and-match approach to personnel has more than paid off, the key being the compatibility of a bunch of compelling combinations. There’s a very rare chance to see Dan and Jimmy, together with the rest of the Boyz, at the Hotel Rose for the festival-related after dark event there.

The Bayou Boyz is growing – into one heck of a musical force and a mighty impressive musical family. But you don’t have to believe us, just your own ears.