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Presented by Vortex

If life was at all fair Ural Thomas would be a household name, his music slotted between James Brown, Otis Redding, and Stevie Wonder (all of whom Thomas has performed with.) Straddling the line between hot soul shouter and velvety-smooth crooner, Thomas released several singles in the late 60’s and early 70’s—most notably “Can You Dig It”—and played over 40 shows at the legendary Apollo Theater before turning his back on an unkind business and heading home to Portland.

In 2014, Thomas decided to give his musical career another shot, and with collaborator Scott Magee in 2016 released a self-titled album on Mississippi Records. A developing artist at nearly 80 years old, for Thomas music has always been about bringing people together. Standing in bold defiance of the idea that aging is a reason to slow down and stop living, for Thomas the right time to get down is the next time someone plugs in a guitar or puts on a record. Ural is ready – are you?