The Bayou Boyz with Kris Deelane

Day 01

Main Stage

2:00 PM


This is just one of the many good things that have been said about The Bayou Boyz – featuring Jimmy Russell (guitar/vocals), Steve Kerin (keyboard/vocals), Brian Foxworth (drums/vocals), and David Kahl (bass/vocals). Individually, there’s a lot of history here, from touring to recording to awards. Collectively, their work shows it.

Any performance by this unique group is as much an experience as it is an event. If you ask any of these guys to describe what they do, they’re likely to pause, then say that, whatever it is, it just happens, that the exploration is just as satisfying as the discovery, and that it’s a process, made all the better by letting the audience in on it. The range of their material reads like the Great American Songbook but The Bayou Boyz somehow make it their own. Their collaborations with an impressive list of regional and international heavyweights attests to this fact. The whole adventure is guided by a simple premise – stick close to the heart of Louisiana and the Mississippi mud. The band is the roux; the music is like the ingredients that make the gumbo.

For this year’s Waterfront Blues Festival, The Bayou Boyz have enlisted the fabulous Kris Deelane to join in on the festivities. Kris is another one known for wide-ranging collaborations and for curating solo and duo shows, featuring and strengthening her impact, as well as abilities. Perhaps her nine-piece Soul band, The Hurt, is where she is best known, but it’s just one of many examples of her abilities. Her previous performances with The Bayou Boyz have been raptly received. This one should be no different.

These guys have built quite the following and have worked with Northwest Talent Showcase, PDX Couch Tour, Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, Music Mondays, and the Waterfront Blues Festival. The level of satisfaction, from audience, production staff, and even other musicians is impressive. Take our word for it. The Bayou Boyz are worth checking out if you want a good shot of “feel good” medicine. They’ve got the right thing for whatever ails you.

Jul 01