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How do I get there when driving?

The Lot at Zidell Yards is located at 3030 S Moody Ave, Portland, OR 97201, between the Tilikum and Ross Island bridges. Turn east off of Moody Ave and stay to the left where the road turns to gravel. Follow directional signage and venue staff instructions as you enter the site. Do not park in the adjacent paved lot as you will be towed.

Will there be parking available?

Vehicle parking is limited to first-come, first-serve. Parking will be $8. There is no overnight parking. Abandoned vehicles are subject to tow. The venue and the Waterfront Blues Festival are not responsible for theft or damage. 

Do not arrive before 10:30 AM for Afternoon Shows and 5:00 PM for Evening Shows. No outside alcohol allowed in the venue, including the parking lot.

Public parking in the South Waterfront neighborhood is available, but limited. Obey all official posted parking signs, and please be respectful of the local neighborhood, residents and businesses. We encourage all attendees to use the ample public transportation available near our venue!

How do I get to there by public transportation?

The Lot at Zidell Yards is conveniently located near multiple public transportation stops. Please see and for up to date transportation information. The Lot is located:

  • One block south of the South Waterfront/S Moody Max Orange Line stop
  • One block south of the S Moody & Meade Streetcar stop for A Loop, B Loop & NS Line
  • One block south of South Waterfront/S Moody Bus stop for buses 9, 7 & 291
  • One block north of S Macadam & Tram Tower Bus stop for buses 35, 36 & 99
  • One block north of the South Waterfront Lower Tram Terminal

Where do pedestrians and bicyclists enter?

Just prior to the vehicle venue entry on the left of the gravel road, there is a marked entrance for pedestrians and bicyclists. Please walk your bicycle when entering and exiting the venue, and please follow all postage signage.

Will there be bicycle parking available?

Bicycle parking will be available during event hours at your own risk. The venue and the Waterfront Blues Festival are not responsible for theft or damage. Bicycles left overnight will be considered abandoned. 

Is there a designated location for rideshare pick-up and drop-off?

Yes! Use the vehicle entrance to The Lot at Zidell Yards and follow posted signage to the rideshare pick-up and drop-off location.